Veronika Wenger | The Line / Die Linie | Artist Talk

Ezgi Bakçay
Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck
Veronika Wenger
Michael Wright

Istanbul – London – Munich
April 24, 2020

„You cannot approach the work of Veronika Wenger with your bulky clothes. You cannot walk on her lines in high heels. How do I know it? Because I fell down. […] Veronika Wenger has an elegant equilibrium, a well moderate climate, an open clear sky. Her work doesn’t insist, doesn’t impose itself. But in her serene silence there is hospitality for every first step“

Dr. Ezgi Bakçay 2020, In: The Stages of Eternity, The Line / Die Linie, Veronika Wenger, Catalog (coming soon!)

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