Daniel Geiger
Oleksiy Koval
Serena Semeraro
Mirco Tarsi
Veronika Wenger
Michael Wright

Live Painting Album

As a part of
The Video Art Exhibition
April 15 – 30

Represented by
Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları

I just watched the video twice. It makes me think of the birth and death of language, the geological eras, the processes of formation and destruction, the Apocalypse, the rebirth. Very beautiful. Thanks everyone, guys!
Serena Semeraro

Album 1 by The Beautiful Formula Collective is the first Live Painting Album realized exclusively with digital tools, such as an iPad, Apple Pencil, MacBook, drawing tablet on a digital surface, an online whiteboard. Seven compositions written with The Beautiful Formula Language were painted live online in succession by Daniel Geiger, Oleksiy Koval, Serena Semeraro, Mirco Tarsi, Veronika Wenger and Michael Wright together. Serena and Mirco in Jesi, Michael in London, Veronika, Daniel and Oleksiy in Munich saw the movement of each other in applying colors to a digital surface and reacted to it without leaving their places and studios. The application of colors to a surface by six artists was recorded and edited into an album.

1. Composition h by Oleksiy Koval 0:11
2. Composition Schar by Oleksiy Koval 12:44
3. Composition 1,1,1,2,3 by Oleksiy Koval 14:30
4. Composition Checkmate by Michael Wright 18:23
5. Composition Französischer Wein by Veronika Wenger 21:58
6. Composition Backjump by Daniel Geiger 30:28
7. Composition Stalker by Oleksiy Koval 36:28

The Beautiful Formula Collective is about painting and creating collective works based on The Beautiful Formula Language. We use the combination of spontaneity, improvisation and logic of rhythm, which gives us structures and rules while painting. The Beautiful Formula Collective produces and stages group works not only in the studio, but also as a live painting performance in front of the public.

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